Gold Jewelry – A Wise Investment

Though the prices of Indian gold jewelry keep changing from time to time, it rarely affects the demand. It holds a place in most Indian ceremonies and auspicious functions. Of the 32% of Indian gold that is accounted for in the Global gold market, half is spent on buying gold jewelry for a number of weddings that take place around the year. Wedding signify the importance of gold and are incomplete without it. As the love for gold among Indians is well known, jewelers come up with various discounts and offers, especially during festivals and special occasions. One trend that has made gold affordable is the coming of lightweight jewelry in India. Earlier only 24k gold pieces were available. But now 14k, 18k and 22k gold jewelry is also being sold. Such lightweight gold jewelry is available in umpteen designs, both traditional and modern. It falls in the casual chic segment and many people are buying such pieces for daily wear.¬†Online jewelers are also burgeoning in India. They usually have better bargains than jewelers who are placed in malls or big-chain brands. Hallmarking of Jewelry is used in many countries and acts as a guarantee of purity of gold jewelry. Some Jewelry shops have started selling Hallmark Jewelry; there are still many Jewelry shops that continue to sell Lalique Jewelry without Hallmarking. Consumers buying Jewelry in India should insist on verifying Hallmark markings on all Jewelry items they buy. Don’t buy Jewelry that is not hallmarked. Consumers must be wise in selling off their gold for cash. One must know the current price of gold before confirming any sale or purchase. Gold price changes every day; hence, one may get a better price with a little patience and effort in checking the latest gold price.¬†

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