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Using a Silver Claddagh Ring To Show Where the Heart is Pointed

There are few things that can cement a relationship as a gesture of good faith. For most couples that starts with a pair of rings to represent the new relationship, especially if those rings are of the same type.  For some people merely making a change in the way that they wear something shows that something has changed, even if that something is as simple as how a ring is worn. A silver claddagh ring is one of the heralds of change, a simple band of silver that demonstrates affection at least, a faithful and loving marriage at most.

There are a number of different stories to explain the origins of the simple rings, a crown on a heart surrounded by a pair of clasped hands. Although they are known to have started in Galway, Ireland, and to have spread out from there, the official history of the rings does not really start until around 1840. The tradition of the rings was picked up and spread throughout England during the Victorian era, and from there it was just a matter of time until they spread throughout the world. The rings have always represented love and fidelity; now they do so throughout the world.

There a number of different claddagh designs, all of which start with the basic design. A gem may be added as part of the heart or crown, but usually they are left unadorned. Most of the variations combine the basic design with interlaced Irish design, such as the Irish compass rose, but these designs are an expression of Irish identity. There are some other designs but they tend to small variations on the design, usually with a thinner or thicker band, the hands more integrated into the design, or even allowing for small gems throughout the design. All of these designs still hold true to the simple design of a heart, a crown, and two clasping hands. The best claddagh rings can be found online at Irish Blessings.

How the ring is worn and on which hand defines what the ring says. If the silver claddagh ring is worn on the right hand the person, usually a young woman, is single; with the point of the heart towards the fingertips, she is single but looking for a relationship, but if the heart is pointing towards the heart she has found someone. If it is worn on the left hand, the relationship has gotten serious; a heart pointing out means the wearer is engaged while the heart pointing in means that the person is married. Paying attention to the ring can help prevent a lot of misunderstanding.

Interestingly, the ring’s service to couple is not the only one. The ring is usually given to a girl by an older female relative, such as the grandmother or mother, when the younger woman comes of age. However, the rings are still usually sold in pairs for couples, and have seen some service as engagement rings. The rings are important in showing how people feel about others; a silver claddagh ring will always help demonstrate a person’s relationship, and in a very visible way if you know where to look.

Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings

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Bags, Watches, Shoes, Hats and Bracelets: Summer Fashion Accessories

Sometimes the hardest part of forming your summer fashion wardrobe is picking the right accessories to go with the clothes you have. From bags and hats to shoes and watches and bracelets, a girl’s accessories can actually be the most important part of her outfit. Here are some fabulous bits and bops from various outlets.
Zara: Messenger Bag with Neon Zip
Three things are guaranteed with Zara clothing: affordable prices, quality products and elegant products. It is for this reason that often when shopping, my first stop is always Zara, to avoid buying an item only to see something better in Zara for a cheaper price!
Their Messenger Bag with Neon Zip shown just above is a great example of how affordability is combined with style and grace at Zara. Available for just 29.99 GBP, it is the type of bag you’ll want to have if you don’t even need it.
Zara: Sandals With Metallic Detail
As much as I’d like to move unto another brand, Zara’s Sandals With Metallic Detail are simply too gorgeous for me to not include in this article.
No girl can resist a beautiful pair of shoes, and these are most certainly all that and more. Elegant, classy, stylish and chic it is an absolute steal at just 59.99 GBP.
Next: Navy Floral Scarf
Ok enough with Zara. Scarves can play a big role in turning a good outfit into a great one and Next have one gorgeous piece in particular which grabs my attention due to its affordability and stylishness.
A mere 16 GBP, this naval floral scarf is perfect for summertime fashion and goes with almost any outfit (so long as black isn’t included).
Raymond Weil: Noemia 27mm
Buying a watch isn’t easy. Moreover when it comes to timepieces you cannot really just get away with going for something cheap and cheerful, as those that are of high quality cost at least a few hundred.
With that in mind, the purse strings really need to be loosened when buying a watch, in the knowledge that timepieces are expected to last years if not decades.
Raymond Weil’s Noemia 27mm combines diamonds, mother-of-pearl and gold to stand out as a great choice of watch for those looking to get one this summer.

To be found on Watches of Switzerland, there is little denying that this would look great in short sleeved or no sleeved summer outfits.
It will however cost you a hefty 1,050 GBP however.

Gold Jewelry – A Wise Investment

Though the prices of Indian gold jewelry keep changing from time to time, it rarely affects the demand. It holds a place in most Indian ceremonies and auspicious functions. Of the 32% of Indian gold that is accounted for in the Global gold market, half is spent on buying gold jewelry for a number of weddings that take place around the year. Wedding signify the importance of gold and are incomplete without it. As the love for gold among Indians is well known, jewelers come up with various discounts and offers, especially during festivals and special occasions. One trend that has made gold affordable is the coming of lightweight jewelry in India. Earlier only 24k gold pieces were available. But now 14k, 18k and 22k gold jewelry is also being sold. Such lightweight gold jewelry is available in umpteen designs, both traditional and modern. It falls in the casual chic segment and many people are buying such pieces for daily wear. Online jewelers are also burgeoning in India. They usually have better bargains than jewelers who are placed in malls or big-chain brands. Hallmarking of Jewelry is used in many countries and acts as a guarantee of purity of gold jewelry. Some Jewelry shops have started selling Hallmark Jewelry; there are still many Jewelry shops that continue to sell Lalique Jewelry without Hallmarking. Consumers buying Jewelry in India should insist on verifying Hallmark markings on all Jewelry items they buy. Don’t buy Jewelry that is not hallmarked. Consumers must be wise in selling off their gold for cash. One must know the current price of gold before confirming any sale or purchase. Gold price changes every day; hence, one may get a better price with a little patience and effort in checking the latest gold price. 

Investing in Gold for Secured Future

People prefer to invest in gold and thus try to secure their future lives. Gold is one of the most prevalent metals because of its magnificence and indestructibility. It can be easily diversified. People can invest in gold in certain situations. People can read about it here in this article.
Investors should know the type of gold they want to purchase. Some people look for bullion and coins while some others opt for gold exchange traded funds and gold futures.  Average people try to purchase bullion bars and coins. No recurring costs are incurred in bars and coins. These are to be stored in safety deposit boxes. Some investors intend to purchase gold certificates. Here, the initial cost is average with good recurring costs. While purchasing gold certificates, one should look for an autonomous AAA credit rating along with a government evaluation. Some people purchase semi-numismatics, ordinal gold or exquisite metal unit trusts. Professional guidance is necessary before purchasing those. In case of digital gold, the initial as well as recurring costs are pretty low. People also invest in gold through exchange traded funds, gold futures and gold stocks. Lots of investing websites are available and investors can refer those for proper guidance.